PRIMA doorway dolly

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picture courtesy of Studio Space Atlanta

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picture courtesy of Studio Space Atlanta



4 Wheel Steering Doorway Dolly
for Professional Film Video Production


is similar to the industry standard.


Our engineers are proud of our featured item, THE PRIMA DOORWAY DOLLY. The innovative design of the four (4) wheel steering system allows for sharp turns and flexibility. The PRIMA Doorway Dolly will turn in a 6’ circle (2 meters).


The Seat Assembly, made for the camera man, can be placed in six (6) different positions for the capability to capture various angles. Our Robin Adapter allows for four (4) additional fixed locations for the seat assembly. The PRIMA Doorway Dolly allows for steering from either end of the dolly and will allow countless camera position angles. The PRIMA Doorway Dolly glides on track with our Track Wheels or on floor with the industry standard pneumatic rubber tires.


The load capacity for our dollies is over 800 pounds with carpet on the platform for a reduced chance of slipping on the surface. Available in a poly coat covering that allows for greater resistance against scratches.

All Dolly parts are fabricated, 

inspected, manufactured and assembled in USA

Same basic features as our 

Standard Doorway Dolly used in filming 

Music Video "I'm Flexin' 

by Rapper TI & Big K.R.I.T ~

Watch footage on YouTube at 1:15 to 2:40

  •  - 11" side boards can be installed on either side of dolly
  • - Spindle wheel stops - Eliminates wheel frame rubbing 
  • - Adjustable front wheel alignment - Toe in / Toe out. Similar to car tie rods (Most dollies don't have) 
  • - Insert lock pin to keep wheels in straight position 
  • - Plastic tube end caps - No open tube ends! For a clean, professional finished look

  • Added features 
  • * 4 way steering
  • * Seat can be placed in 6 Spots and attaches in TWO (2) Different ways
  • * Upright steering on Both ends of Dolly
  • * Pull bar connection on Both ends of Dolly
  • * Adjustable Turnbuckle Trim for 4 way alignment

Compatible with all Industry Standard equipment
10"  Pneumatic (Air) Slick Tires 
Push Bar, Pull Bar, Seat, 11" Side Boards
Heavy duty Spindles with 3/4" axle size
* Wheel color may vary from picture (Black, White, Gold or                Zinc)
* Dolly Frame and parts color may vary

To Order Call Authorized Dealer:

  • Media Net USA 404.981.5046