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Elliot Turner Enerrprises Inc. (ET) is a leader in manufacturing high quality equipment used for professional film and video production. ET prides itself on providing superior quality products at budget saving prices. ET has been in business over ten (10) years providiing quality on ebay (elliotturner) with a customer satisfaction rate of 99.3% and we pride ourselves in providing great customer service, expedited shipping and quality products. Our engineers are focused on creating innovative designs and technological strategies that lead to highly effective film and video production equipment.


Our engineers are proud of our featured item, THE PRIMA DOORWAY DOLLY. The innovative design of the four (4) wheel steering system allows for sharp turns and flexibilty. The PRIMA Doorway Dolly will turn in a 6' circle (2 metter).

The Seat Assembly, made for the camera man, can be placed in six (6) different positions for the capability to capture various angles. Our Robin Adapter allows for four (4) additional fixed locations for the seat assembly. The PRIMA Doorway Dolly allows for steering from either end of the dolly and will allow countless camera positioning angles. The PRIMA Doorway Dolly glides on track with our Track Wheels or on floor with the industry standard pneunatic rubber tires. 

The load capacity for our dollys is over 800 pounds (500kg) with carpet on the platform for a reduced chance of slipping on the surface. Available in a poly coat that allows for greater resistance against scratches. 

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In media a task is only complete when absolute satisfaction is reached. Every project that is rendered or composed is guaranteed to exceed all expectations when presented to a client.